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June 17, 2015

Elisa + Oscar | Engagement Session

Elisa and Oscar are to be wed this coming October, and I can't wait to celebrate with them! I had a great time getting to know them today at the Engagement session. These were taken in beautiful and historic St. Augustine, FL with lots of great environments for them taking great photos!

I wish nothing but the best for them on their wedding day! Here are some highlights from our time together...

May 23, 2015

Katie + Daniel | Engagement Session

I love doing Bridal Shows and getting to meet amazing couples like Katie + Daniel! They have a great sense of humor and are beyond perfect for each other. I learned that on their first date to Disney World, Katie kept calling Daniel "David"...clearly not his name. So they decided to put "David" on some Mickey ears. When Katie's ears were ready, Disney messed up her name and put "Catia." So even when accidents happen, these two know how to turn a negative into a positive and just roll with it.

I'm really looking forward to their wedding in just three weeks! Here are some of my favorite shots from our time together for their engagement session at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park in Palm Coast, FL.

May 16, 2015

Mr. & Mrs. Strong | Lakeland, FL

Ceremony Venue: Lake Mirror Amphitheatre
Reception Venue: Magnolia Building
Hair: Josh @ Evolve Hair Studio
Dress: Sweetheart Gowns from Robyn Lynne Bridal
Tuxes: Suit Supply
Rings: Solomon Brothers
Catering: Chef Patrick & Lisa from Patio 850
DJ: Andre & Dee from Groove Maestros
Flowers: Elise Blasingame
Cake: Cheryl from Desserterie & Rose from Lolli Da

Alexandra and Scott put on such a fun wedding! The two of them are so great together, and it was a real pleasure to finally get to meet them after all of our conversations and virtual Skype meetings. Their wedding day in Lakeland, FL, though hot and humid, was a beautiful event from start to finish. The Amphitheatre in downtown Lakeland was the perfect setting for their ceremony, and the Magnolia Building at the top of the hill provided the best indoor/outdoor atmosphere to party into the night. The great thing was seeing how many friends and family who came with their love and support. The happy couple will be moving to Boston soon to continue their new chapter together there and I wish them nothing but the best as they go.

Here are some highlights from their wedding day...

March 22, 2015

Mr. & Mrs. Boonsanong | Jacksonville Beach, FL

I met Noom and Guy at one of the Bridal Shows I participate in at Sawgrass Marriott in Ponte Vedra. They were immediately very sweet and quiet when they approached me about doing their wedding, but as soon as they got deeper in their explanation of what they wanted and what their wedding day was going to be like, their excitement kept pumping higher. When they officially hired me at the show I was just about as giddy as Noom was because her excitement and childlike innocence were infectious.

Their wedding took place on the beach with a reception that followed at the Thai restaurant they own called Buddha's Belly. It was a very sweet and simple ceremony, and all eyes were drawn to the bride and groom as they preciously cried over their vows and made the lifelong commitment.

They capped it off with a fantastic meal and evening at their restaurant where everyone enjoyed the company and conversations. At the end of the night, the happy couple pedaled away on their bikes. Here are some of the highlights from their wedding day...

February 21, 2015

Maria + Micah | Engagement Session

Maria and Micah met while attending Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL. They were both in the Theatre Dept., and performed in a lot of productions together...sometimes as husband and wife. Looks like they won't have to act anymore in that regard. Both originally come from the Northeast. Maria and Jersey Girl and Micah from upstate New York. Their love for theatre is what brought them to the same place. Getting to spend time with them was a lot of fun. They already talk and "bicker" like an old married couple, and would rag one another if they have a poor sense of direction or other silly things. For their engagement session, I thought it would be fun to take some shots around Flagler's campus and on stage where they performed many times before. We also did some around the streets of St. Augustine. I can't wait for their wedding in July, and I know they're going to have a happy life ahead of them. Here are some highlights from their session.